The nose is an important organ because it determines everything on the face. Like a house in the middle The surrounding area is like a fence that surrounds our home. At Pmed Clinic, we use a technique called Nose Reconstruction. to solve individual problems and in order to get the most beautiful nose that matches the patient’s heart

Restructuring rhinoplasty (Open Rhinoplasty) by a specialist

Open Recons Rhinoplasty: Nose Recons

Nose Reconstruction

“Nose augmentation is like a jigsaw puzzle. Put that one over here. Put this one
over there. Make it the best it can be.”

The nose is an important organ because it determines everything on the face. Like a house in the middle The surrounding area is like a fence that surrounds our home. At Pmed Clinic, we use a technique called Nose Reconstruction. to solve individual problems and in order to get the most beautiful nose that matches the patient’s heart

Nose Reconstruction restructuring the nose and designed the nose shape by
Dr. Ton

  • Redesign and slimming nose base to complement the face.
  • Reshape the nose tip to give it a sharp pointy and dimensional look
    with a thich apex that prevents penetration.
  • Woundless nose ala reshaping. Slimming nose alar without surgery.

Differences in rhinoplasty at Pmed Clinic

  • No swelling, no bruising.
  • Experienced doctor.
  • Short and quick recovery allows you to get on with your life.
  • Get the style and shape as consulted with the doctor.
  • Adjusting techniques according to patient’s cases to tackle specific
    problems by using Dr. Ton’s personal unique technique.

1:1 Personalized Rhinoplasty

Improvement Effectiveness of Protruded Mount

Methodical Analysis of Nasal Bridge to Tip Line

Prominent and Natural Nose

popular style

Before-after pictures

Doctor’s Message

“No swelling, no bruising when doing rhinoplasty at Pimed” because Dr. Ton knows that patients have little time. And no one likes pain The doctor determined to develop his skills to find out why the bruise was swollen. and find out how to fix it, such as not scraping, eating good meat not nailed to the veins have good hemostasis not taking too long for surgery, etc., for this reason that Pmed Clinic, so we don't just get the nose done and beautiful. But we will complete the restructuring of your nose. beautiful in your way And it's so good that you don't have to wait too long. Until the wound heals, bruises, swelling Dr. Piyaphon Pattanakru

5 steps

nose restructuring

Step 1

Preparation before rhinoplasty before surgery Refrain from taking vitamin E, fish oil,, roacguten (acne treatment), cigarettes, alcohol, diclofenac painkillers. 1 week before surgery

Step 2

On the day of surgery, abstain from food and water 6-8 hours before the surgery. and prepare to be comfortable to enhance the nose Someone has to take it home. because of numbness from anesthesia unable to return

Step 3

After the rhinoplasty is done Go home and get enough rest. sleep with high pillow Because it will make the nose swell less, apply a cold compress only for the first 2 days to stop the bleeding.

Step 4

After the 3rd day, you can use a warm compress, but don't heat it. and try to drink water from Centella asiatica or pumpkin juice What can help with bruising and reduce swelling? In the meantime, wash your face with a cotton swab only. Do not allow water to hit the wound. because it may be infected

Step 5

After 7 days, I came to the clinic to have the cast removed. Nose sutures and ear sutures are cut and come again 14 days to remove sutures inside the nose. It started to be beautiful. You can now put on makeup and show off your great nose.

At Pmed Clinic, we do NOT:

We understand that everyone has different facial features which need a specific nose shape to fit their face. A mismatch may result in an
unfitting and unnatural look. Prioritise expensive equipment.

At Pmed Clinic we only choose high-quality equipment. We will not disclose the model or price of equipment to attract customers as it will be a distraction to our customer’s true experience. Unnecessary use of advanced techniques.

A commonly desire rhinoplasties can be accomplished with a less complicated technique where it takes less time and leaves fewer scars. Please beware of clinics that advertise advanced techniques with expensive pricing as it may be unnecessary.

Nose Anatomy

The restructuring of the nose is the restructuring of all 3 parts of the nose in order to get a beautiful nose that complements your face. Our nose comprises of:

1. bone It is like a solid roof. Some people have a wide base, some people have a
narrow base, this must be the size relative to the cheekbones. If it is like
building a house The base of the nose should be sized to fit the size of the
cheekbones measured from the base of the nose to the edge of the face.

2.The part that covers the nose like roof tiles There are people who are very
thick. The meat is a little thick and the meat is thin. In most Thai people, the
nose meat is not very thin like a westerner. and can add accessories to raise
the roof like high grade silicone The exception is a protective case, which must
be scraped off the old stuff as well as the meat. These cases are very thin and
require a different type of accessory. This can be more complex, cost more, or
not as stable as silicone. For example, using Goretex which for a long time will
collapse, unable to maintain balance, and itself is porous If you need to fix the
nose, it will be difficult to solve because the membrane will occur.

3.cartilage means the moving part moving starting from the middle of the nose
and descending to the tip of the nose including the wings of the nose After
rhinoplasty, this part should be soft, supple and movable, so the cartilage
behind the ear is used to make it look natural. But caution is Making a nose that
has a hard structure draped over until it completely covers the soft structure.
which if not smooth The nose becomes a solid triangular shape. unnatural


Silicone is an accessory that has been developed and used extensively for decades. But many people are still afraid of silicone. And sometimes, advertising of cosmetic surgery clinics distorts views on silicone, for example, that silicone is cheap and dangerous, and offers other devices instead of
silicone without providing complete information. to create new selling points For example, using Gore-Tex. cartilage behind the ear, coccyx, or ribs Each of
which has different advantages and disadvantages. There are different conditions for choosing. and if there is no skill Even with good equipment, unexpected results can be achieved.

Making a natural nose tip.

1.For the cartilage, our doctor uses silicone as a foundation to strengthen the area.

2.For the flexible nose tip, our doctor uses cartilage from the back of the ear with a measurement of around 2.5cm or uses around 70%-80%
which is around 2.5cm of the skin from the nose base to make the nose tip.


Low nasal bridge scenario


People who feel like their faces are lack dimension from the low nasal bridge.


If people don’t have the desire to have it, it’s easy to do. Because like a smooth floor, we can put plaster on the pole. but also have to look at the basics of each person’s face If he looks like a guest, the doctor will give you a shapely nose. If his face looks musky, he might do a Korean nose job.


A protruding mid-face scenario


Westerners tend to have a protruding mid face, while Asians tend to have a
concave and flat mid face.


A western-style nose is a good match as the forehead and lips area are
supporting each other well. Unlike Westerners, Asian people tend to have a soft nose base that needs to be lifted first. The length of the nose depends on the length of the nose base which will determine the slope to the pointy tip angle.


Large hump scenario


Some people have noses with a hum or protrusion in the middle, which may
look too manly for women.


We will remove the hump, which is mainly muscle and nail down the side to
achieve a high nasal bridge look. No silicone is needed for this procedure.
However, in the case that the hump isn’t large, the nose tip will tend to dip a
little which requires silicone to straighten the nasal bridge.

3 Steps to do a rhinoplasty with Dr. Ton

STEP 1 : Face Analysis

“I will tell the patient to show the desired nose picture first. After the patient
tells him his needs, we then explain to him how it can or can’t be done, what
angle it is, because if we talk at all, he won’t listen to us.” The doctor will use
the art of designing the nose shape for him. suitable for each patient Because
we have different faces and noses. Making a nose must look at harmony is
important.” Do not do anything that violates the nature of his facial structure. It
still looks like his face.” You have to look at the base of the nose, the mid face,
the slope of the nose, etc.

STEP 2 : Technical Analysis

After the patient has given additional advice I will evaluate the medical
technique. to be used with each patient that need to use ribs Artificial tissue or
any other technique? to solve the problems of the patients in each case in order
to make corrections to the point and get a nose that fits the face the most

STEP 3 : Perform surgery

There are two types of surgery, open surgery and closed surgery. To open the
nose is to make a cut at the base and lift the meat up. The closing part is the
incision inside. did not raise the meat layer Dr. Ton has developed a technique
that reduces the need for open surgery. Because we know that open surgery
costs more. and left a scar at the base of the nose The surgeon will only open
the surgery in cases where the septum is involved. The rest will be closed.

 (Close Rhinoplasty)

Suitable for people with relatively small noses. No need to knock down your
nose to make it slender

 (Open Rhinoplasty)

Nose reconstruction is suitable for those who want to have a nose job using a nasal septum, ribs or cases that require to knock down the nose to make the nose smaller

Doctor’s Message : Beware of Advertisment

“Currently, the rhinoplasty market tends to steal customers by making strange
advertisements, such as selling open surgery. By saying that open surgery can
be more beautiful and more detailed, but in fact, it may be because open
surgery can be expensive, for example, silicone augmentation only costs 5,000
baht, but if silicone augmentation by open surgery has to be paid At least
100,000 baht, which is an advanced technique, but it’s too much. Likewise,
silicone has a good grade and its price.But some clinics advertise that they
need 3 hundred thousand per stick of silicone and still people believe. or the
use of words that the patient may not understand to look luxurious and call for
a price that is more expensive than reality, for example, saying ‘under the bone
marrow’, which since I studied We have to put silicone under the membrane.
otherwise it will float I didn’t think he would use this word as a selling point as

Practice after surgery

“If you ar ethinking about having a rhinoplasty, please do your research, dont
be fooled by advertisement such as course selling, technique or equipment
advertising, etc. If you are looking for any advice please do not hesitate to give
us a call at +66(0)9-9446-9546, +66(0)9-6645-1465”


The doctor will assess from the face structure, the original nose base and the
nose shape that the patient wants. You can get a free consultation by adding
our LINE: @pmed

The doctor can remove the liquid and continue rhinoplasty immediately.

The doctor will remove all the remaining thread and continue rhinoplasty.