Get to know Dr Ton
(Dr Piyapol Pattanakru )

“ Pmed’s vision is to do the best we can and keep improving ”

The P stands for the doctor’s name. The doctor intends to make this clinic the best by using his own name as a guarantee.

in studying medicine specialized in surgery

In working as a surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery and facial reconstructive surgery. Combined with 9 years, the period of establishment of Pmed Clinic

Experience in making every case beautiful in terms of rhinoplasty, nose reconstruction, liposuction, facial fat grafting and more than 20,000 cases of skin beauty enhancement with lengthy experience to take care, analyze various problem conditions and provide straightforward advice in detail to treat the patient cases by case. To make your beauty possible as you wish, taking into account the safe way beauty is important.

Among the surgeons who do the most fat injection cases in the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Thailand

The surgeon at Pmed Clinic graduated in facial plastic surgery. Dr Ton has selected a team that he believes “must be as good as me or better than me only”

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9 questions that will make you get to know Dr. Ton better

Doctor Ton graduated from
I spent 13 full years studying medicine specialized in surgery. starting at the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University. Then further my study at Chiang Mai University in the field of ear, nose, throat, then study additional plastic surgery at Chulalongkorn Hospital until graduating as a teacher teaching medical students at Vajira Hospital and came out to open the clinic at the end of the year 2013

Why were you interested in surgery?
During my sixth year of medical school, I began to see my own way of studying plastic surgery. because I have a specific interest, that is the face which is the most distinctive feature of human beings. At that time, there was a field of plastic surgery that was developing and a deeper branch called Plastic and Facial Reconstructive Surgery, which is a more in-depth study focusing on the face. We study everything from the face down to the neck, which is what I like. Another thing is when I was studying, Thailand has not yet had a good surgeon. Plastic surgery is not yet accepted. There were not many beautiful cases to be seen. when I was starting out, they were still using old techniques such as inserting silicone to pull the face, leaving a very large wound. With the eyes, they only have surgery for general double eyelids. Liposuction is not yet available. I want to develop myself and develop this industry.

 The doctor used to say that Korea’s development in plastic surgery has a positive effect on Thailand as well.
In fact, Korea developed after us, because their country struggles more than us. Thai doctors have studied surgery in America and other famous places before. But when we return, we only do it in a small groups because people are still embarrassed about plastic surgery. There’s only a small group of doctors who only uses the same technique because there was no competitor. On the other hand, despite developing after us, Korea realized that cosmetic surgery could solve the problems of the people of the country. They aimed that their country’s plastic surgery would be number one. Therefore, a group has been formed to develop cosmetic surgery into a systematic and accepted system. Later, when the Korean fever wave occurred, there were advertisements, stars, and K-pop singers coming in. Thai people began to see that Korean stars do plastic surgery as if it is a normal thing. Even though they are already beautiful, they still do a little bit to make them perfect. At that time, it was considered a leap forward for the plastic surgery industry in our country because it gave the Thai people a different perspective. At that time, I was studying facial plastic surgery and there were more and more cases.

Today, can our techniques be compared to Korea and can we fight them?
Compared to the medical and surgical industry of Thailand, equipment and the body of knowledge that we have is not different at all. Because the knowledge gained from the West is the same body of knowledge. Notice that lately there have been more cases of Thai people going to Korea to get bad results because Korean doctors may not be very detailed. They don’t understand Thai people’s faces resulting in a not-very harmonious look. Some doctors make all patients face the same block. Let’s just say that Thai doctors are not less skilled than Korean ones. There is only one thing they are better than us. That is jaw-cutting. Because it’s something we rarely do.

 What goals did you have when opening your own clinic?
I have a passion for cosmetic surgery and intend to do it well. Our vision is “Do the best you can and keep improving. With the innovation and experience that we have accumulated”, I have a motto to give patients the best and the least damage, such as no bruising, no swelling, less recuperation, and less wound. Do not do anything more than necessary, etc.

I learned that Pmed Clinic’s medical team must be as good or better than Dr Ton
I choose the right case for each surgeon. That is, doing what they are good at. They are Super Specialists, everyone graduated specialised in plastic surgery. And I only choose the team that I trust.

I want to know the movement of the surgery industry at present
Now, if it’s about rhinoplasty and fat grafting. The technique is quite stable. I expect that in the next 10 years, all surgical techniques will be stable. measured by experience alone. But even if we are confident, we must always study more. I still have to go to a meeting. Still sending a team of doctors to observe the work continuously. Recently we went to Korea. Look at the forehead and eyebrow lift. That is, even if we have experience, we also need to know what other people have done and where they are. But if it is a very new technique I wouldn’t immediately jump to use it. We have to wait to see the results first because some things are unnecessary. New things are not always good. But many people think that new things have a point of sale, so they use them. But I don’t want to take the patient for a trial. We must first know what we can do and if it worth it?

The doctor said that the doctor did not want to sell the technique. does not advertise tools, plus, there are no packages to attract customers as well. What does the doctor sell?
I sell art, and uniqueness because each person has a unique identity. And when it comes to surgery, it always has to use art at the forefront. I sell experience, sell skills, the reason I say I don’t sell techniques is that I don’t. And there are many techniques to use. We know every technique, but its implementation has to be case-by-case, not fixed. As for all tools and equipment, I can tell that I picked the grade I believe is the best. But I don’t want to advertise or help them sell stuff. Because actually, it depends more on the person using the tool. Price, As I said, we look on a case-by-case basis regarding the price. Therefore, I would like to call to consult. But if compared to other things I believe mine isn’t expensive.

I would like the doctor to tell people who are thinking about having surgery how to prepare themselves.
I want you to find a lot of information because nowadays, the surgery industry in our country still has loopholes. Many cosmetic surgery clinics are founded by people who are not interested in cosmetic surgery and facial reconstructive surgery. In which the expertise and ideas, perspectives are very different. A person with a specialized degree will understand what the patient has to go through in each case. We are very concerned about the safety of our patients. We have teachers, each case is controlled. There is evidence and reference, we passed through easy and hard wards. We used to monitor patients day by day, etc.

But in the market, there are many doctors who graduated from their sixth year and went to the clinic. He may have a little bit of training and complete a few cases, and give a refund if they failed, but the patient was already damaged. There are many like this. Therefore, anyone who wants to have surgery must find thorough information, such as checking the name and surname from the Medical Council website. It will be enough to know the rough information. What did this person graduate in? How many years since the graduation? Take a look at the reviews. Some reviews are fake. There’s even a purchase of Before – After photos of other people and take credit saying that it is their own clinic. It is important to know who is the doctor and how much experience he has. Because what they will be doing to you will stay with you for a long time or forever.