Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that uses a technique to remove excess fat in the subcutaneous layer from various organs. This is the point where fat loss is difficult even with diet and exercise. The tool that Pmed Clinic uses for liposuction is called VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance). It uses ultrasound technology to generate sound waves to dissolve fat. that we wants to be eliminated specifically.

Advantages of liposuction at PMed

1. We have a specialized Surgeon with more than 10 years of experience in liposuction and shaping beauty beautiful at the same time, such as sculpting the S-Curve figure and adjusting the legs into a beautiful balance shape.

2.Use a high-quality Premium Vaser machine that provides higher efficiency than general liposuction. The machine can suck more fat in lesser time resulting in less swelling.

3 Fast recovery, Just 2 days and you can get back to work. Suitable for working people and students.

4. Small wound, little pain and little bruising

5. No wave after sucking, because the surgeon has specific expertise (If the suction is too shallow, it will create a wave)

6.Quality over price. It’s an accessible price with premium quality.

7. The premium Vaser machine that Pmed uses will dissolve fat more precisely than other machines because most of the sucked out will be purely fat and very little blood. This makes the patient lose less blood making them have less swelling, bruising and soreness.

Doctor’s Message

Liposuction lecture with Dr Ton How effective liposuction will depend on 3 parts: muscle, bone and how much fat there is. If you are in a good shape, don’t have big bones, and are not so muscular, Liposuction will give you outstanding results. But if the proportion is thicker because of the muscles, or people with large bones and little fat, liposuction may not reduce the proportion as much as it should. This is very important for the patient to understand.

Another important thing is Liposuction does not make you thin. Because most of the fat is in the abdomen which cannot be sucked out. And since fat is lighter than water, when liposuction, water will come out as well. Therefore, 1 litre of liposuction is not purely 1 litre of fat.

More importantly, good liposuction is not about sucking out too much because the amount of fat that can be sucked is limited. According to the textbook, only 70% can be sucked, leaving the top 20%, and bottom 10%, and sucking only in the middle layer. The position of the suction needle depends on the doctor's experience. In addition, the accumulation of fat in each part of the body is not the same. For example, the back area has less fat and more blood vessels, so some areas are more difficult to do and require more caution than usual.Therefore, liposuction is not about quantity, but it's to get that beautiful proportion. Doctors must understand beauty, understand the physiology of the body well, for example, any part that needs to be concave must be sucked a little more. And where there should be a convex curve, you don't have to mess with it, etc. It's all a combination of science and art. Which the doctor must understand and have enough experience to be able to create good results. นพ.ปิยพล พัฒนครู

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Before-after pictures

 liposuction with ultra z machine

 More fat will be sucked, less bleeding therefore less sore

Liposuction is the right method for you if:

3 STEP: The process of liposuction has 3 main steps:

The doctor will add a Tumescence solution or saline solution to the area that needs fat removal to help induce numbness and shrinks the blood vessels in that area. This allows for minimal blood loss and reduces bruising.

Use the VASER device to emit ultrasonic sound energy. (This is a sound energy with the same frequency as the eye cataract machine) into the tissue to break down fat.

All the liquefied fat is gently sucked out by the surrounding tissues with the least damage.

Preparation before liposuction

Timeline of surgery and recovery

Wrap the extra-tight cloth or stretch fabric accordingly.
First 24hr
Change the gauze once a day.
First 1-3 days
Call absence at work
2-4 days
Wear bandage only during the day
4-5 weeks
The cyanosis, bruising, and swelling will completely disappear within
1-6 months

Practice after having Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction System procedure

1. Must be wrapped in a compression garment 24 hours a day during the first week after the procedure and continue to wear it for about 4-5 weeks during the day. Or you can use thick stay tights instead. It’s important to wrap it snugly. If it’s too tight, it will swell. If it’s too loose, it will cause haemorrhage.

2.During the first 1-3 days, the surgical wound will have a lot of saline simmering through. The gauze should be changed at least once.

3.During the 2nd-3rd week, a compression garment may be worn only during the day and can be removed at bedtime.

4.Swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, or a burning sensation may occur. But it’s only temporary in the early days after surgery. You can return to work within 5-7 days and can drive as soon as you stop taking the painkillers.

5.After 1-6 months, all the swelling, bruises and bruises will be gone. The speed of it depends on the amount of fat and the area of ​​the body being liposuction.

6. Take a break from hard work or exercise. You may begin exercising again 2 to 4 weeks after surgery.

Doctor’s Message

Why does liposuction cause swelling in other places? “Many people may go for a celebration after having liposuction causing them to gain weight. The extra weight will be deposited in the area that is not liposuction because the liposuction area means that the fat in that area has decreased. Normally, from the age of 20 years, people’s fat cells will not divide again, but they can be 10 or 100 times larger. When the fat is reduced, that part of the body will not be much fatter but will be deposited into other parts instead. Therefore, after liposuction, you must continue to control your diet to obtaining consistently good results” Dr Piyapol Pattanakru

Nowadays, there are many liposuction clinics that lead with marketing while ignoring safety. Those who are interested in receiving the service must therefore find all-around information and watch out for the following ads: