Painstaking creates expertise Dr Piyapol Pattanakru

“I spent a full 13 years continuously studying specialized surgery in medicine. You may ask if it took a long time, and I must say, it did. It takes time to become a specialist in a particular field of medicine, but for me, I think it is worth investing in education to know deeply about it. Especially when it is something that I love and want to do, it is even better.” Dr Piyapol Pattanakru of Pmed Clinic, a recognized expert in facial surgery and fat injection, proudly shared.
Piyapong was born and raised in a family of doctors. He said that it has been his dream since childhood to become a doctor because he used to follow his parents to the hospital and clinic every day. He felt happy when he saw patients being treated and recovering.

If the patient is happy, he is also happy. It made him set out a goal that one day he would also become a doctor too. Until, one day he managed to get enrolled to study medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University. That’s when the journey to become a cosmetic surgeon began.
“At the beginning of my studies, I learned general medicine, but then I started to be interested in the field of cosmetic surgery. So I began to dig deeper into the detail of the field. To specialize in this field, we have to learn about various components such as appearance, body shape, and skin. I am particularly interested in facial surgery, which is the most important feature of human beings. So, I continued my education at Chiang Mai University in ear, nose, and throat to enhance my knowledge in facial cosmetic surgery. Then, I continued to study cosmetic surgery at Chulalongkorn Hospital until I became a lecturer in medical education at Vajira Hospital.
For over a decade, the problem encountered in previous cases won’t be repeated in the new cases. But if you asked if the previous cases aren’t good, I must answer no, it’s not that. That’s because I always tried my best in every case. With all the experience that I had at that time, I give it my all in every case. Because I know that the most satisfying moment for me is when I see my patients happy with the results of my work.

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