How long does the swollen last after fat grafting?

The duration of swelling after fat injection or fat grafting varies depending on the individual and several factors, such as whether the person has thin skin that bruises easily, how well the body is taken care of, whether there is enough rest and nutrition, and whether vitamin supplements are taken before the procedure.
Typically, swelling lasts for one week and subsides within a month after fat injection. However, unlike other surgical procedures, fat grafting cannot be treated with heat or cold compresses as this can compress and kill the injected fat. Therefore, it takes longer for the swelling to subside. It is important to note that hot and cold compresses are prohibited.
Self-care after fat injection is crucial to the success of the procedure. Whether the fat attaches to the face or not depends on how well it is taken care of after the procedure.
Why does the face become very swollen in the first few days after a fat injection?

Patients who have just had a fat injection may feel that their face is very swollen and full, this is because Dr Ton way is

“Usually, I inject all the fat at once to complete the procedure. However, there are some areas that are not conducive to fat injection, such as the forehead. We have to inject more fat than necessary to ensure that the fat does not die in the future because this area is difficult to inject and fat does not tolerate well. Therefore, we need to examine whether it is necessary to repeat the injection. Generally, injecting fat into areas that move frequently, such as the forehead or cheeks, may cause fat lumps because the movement can interfere with the newly implanted fat, which is still fragile. In this case, I recommend temporary muscle relaxants to achieve the best results. During this time, it is important to eat well and get plenty of rest to ensure that the fat attaches as much as possible.”

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